It's time for change in South Florida.

Join the fight for the common man, forgotten woman, and lost child.

Let's restore our national faith in the American Dream, which is the sweet epitome of a decent middle-class living before another generation writes it off as an impossible aspiration. If almost half of us can’t scrape together emergency funds when disaster strikes despite working more than one job, yet sneaky billionaire loopholes cheat our system, the very essence of our Republic is at stake here. We can't afford to let technocratic "experts" of the political establishment shackle our collective future.

Even if you live a prosperous, comfortable life and are thus exempt from the social woes affecting millions of Americans, the hard fact is we are all interconnected in some way and the status quo cannot sustain itself for much longer. Problems only grow when ignored and instead of letting our polemic issues disrupt into dystopian chaos, it’s time we, the people, take matters into our own hands. No matter on what aisle of the national debate, I’m certain we can agree that the country cannot afford the luxury of delegating full powers to technocratic “experts” of the political establishment shackling our collective future to trillions of dollars in debt which evaporate elsewhere without repairing our infrastructure, preparing for automation or realistically transitioning us to renewable energy.

Caring for our fellow Americans means putting the country’s long term well-being as a national priority and rejecting unpatriotic get-rich-quick scams that profit an irresponsible few who can easily pack their bags and move on to the next host while the rest of us will be left to pick up the pieces of a bankrupt, demoralized has-been. Nothing is certain and we can’t take our greatness for granted.

The math adds up if we take smart yet humane steps to establish a culture of pragmatic tolerance that restructures the budget to help the marginalized rise above poverty by providing the right tools while favoring an optimal free-market atmosphere for small businesses.

Don’t settle for less. Don’t conform.

We don’t have to pick the lesser of two evils. You shouldn’t have to decide whether to purchase a life-saving medication or pay groceries. When we raise a hand to our heart as children in school to pledge our allegiance to the flag, we recite the balance between “liberty and justice” for all, but in a short-sighted, grab-what-you-can competition for profits or votes, our Judeo-Christian values are too often kicked to the curb.

If we continue to let spineless politicians preach rhetoric without substantial actions as millions of our brothers and sisters are kicked to the side of the road as mere collateral damage, rethink our finances or foreign policy within this decade, we won’t be able to hold the baton of global leadership any longer. In the face of our adversaries who are competing for that role, we can’t be the economic superpower if our morality isn’t on par with such a serious responsibility. We CAN afford to give young Americans a better education, dignified jobs and access to basic healthcare like other industrialized nations without raising taxes for the working middle class if we weed out corruption, wasteful spending by putting our dollars to good use.

We must admit aloud what our conscience whispers: no American citizen should die because of an unattended cavity. Every life is precious.

As someone who knows firsthand the entrepreneurial desperation of paying employee salaries with mounting credit card loans and the utter despair of getting your electricity cut off while being sick with some undiagnosed fever since healthcare is nonexistent, I’m running for congress because actions speak more than words or photo-ops and as long as our “representatives” continue to be funded by special interest, our real needs won’t be addressed; they’ll just keep buying time until another merry-go-round election. To break the puppet politician’s perverse relationship to bribery, we need to run a clean grassroots campaign on a platform that reflects popular support and meets the people’s demands—a bold movement that doesn’t bow down to corporate interests.

I’ve disposed myself on the spot to help those who needed it, cooked for a hungry passerby who asked to mow the grass for a few bucks, saved an elderly neighbor from homelessness and personally taught my brothers how to read, cause in my worldview serving is a privilege. We cannot remain apathetic bystanders of our national implosion. Let’s stand up to our bullies so your children don’t have to breathe artificial air by paying a subscription to a monstrous monopoly in the near future. With your support, be it sharing our content online, talking to others about us, in-person volunteering for the campaign or donating, congressional district 25 will have a new representative that grew up here, still lives here with her family and will be owned exclusively by the people. Let me serve you.

If above all, you believe in the need for a national Reconciliation, please join our grassroots campaign as we offer a straight forward course that honors the intrinsic dignity of every American by putting our government to do its job, which is balancing the needs of a strong republic and representative democracy.

Endorsed By

Labor Community Alliance of South Florida