Frequently Asked Questions

Why and what for is Yadira running for office?

As an engaged voter, I hold candidates to a very high standard and expect nothing but the best from our public officials, so I know how satisfying it is to finally have someone voice your concerns out loud. We want honest, brave and clear representation as citizens but too often we find ourselves settling for the lesser of two evils. It needs to stop. We should only “buy” a candidate that defends our well-being.

I’ve lived almost two decades in district 25 and want those who feel disenfranchised or pressured to vote a certain way, to be liberated. As a grassroots candidate, I am proposing only what benefits the people, not the corporations or special interests that fund by the millions, compromised candidates of the establishment such as our current incumbent. Not one to shy away from confronting powerful forces, I will fight for what makes sense and is fair, both from a humanist and monetary point of view so the best policies stay for future generations to enjoy.

I’m running for everyone that needs affordable medicine, a living wage from jobs suited for the ecological future so no one is left behind since we have to transition, reform and create a national context of sustainable prosperity for our civil rights. If we don’t fight together for the vulnerable, common person on the street, we will have failed as a nation as this situation cannot sustain itself much longer. Should we not provide a solution, a rise in authoritarianism can be expected as an elitist response to our populist insurgence. Let’s reform the system before it’s too late and with constructive civility, if possible.

What is Yadira’s main issue?

Healthcare. We have to heal our ailing compatriots regardless of their income. With an ambitious list of problems to tackle, filtering out only 5 leading issues for the campaign cards took a while and selecting only one as the highest priority can be frustrating when you’re so deeply involved in these causes. Instead of choosing the easiest one—since circumstances might change the likelihood of something getting passed—I’ll always pick the issue closest to heart. People don’t choose to get sick and too many of us suffer anonymously health problems that could be easily cured in the richest country on Earth. Access to insulin or a dentist can save a life so there is no doubt that healthcare; our physical and even mental health is the highest priority.

Why is Yadira leaving art for politics?

You can’t fix our social-economic problems with art, at most you can bring awareness to certain causes and visual art on a canvas has it’s preaching limitations. Although I first and foremost identify as an artist all around, being a free-lance journalist and political analyst in the last years has made me realize we need to stop picking up after corporate-owned politicians. Instead of constantly reporting their disasters, we should stop them and own the legislative tools that impact our lives.

As a painter and writer, I’ve been creating alternative worlds since forever but it’s all been fiction—now I plan on fixing things in our immediate reality. An artistic sensibility can help develop empathy by knowing fully well that what surrounds us in the work of humans. The power to change lies in our hands if we’re brave enough to own our free will. Art cannot be isolated from current events and while hanging my work on a wall will always be rewarding, if climate change floods South Florida or if a police state outlaws unlicensed artisans, anyone would regret not having put art aside for a moment for the greater social good.

It's up to you: Yadira doesn’t accept contributions from PACs of any kind or federally registered lobbyists.