Our Vision For South Florida And America

Save Our Nation

Medicare For All

With tens of thousands of our fellow Americans being uninsured or underinsured and health insurance and pharmaceutical companies raking in record profits, we must insure that our dysfunctional health care system works for the poorest as well as the richest in our society. That is why I advocate for a Medicare For All approach to health care, which will additionally include dental, eye, and foot care not dependent on one's ability to pay.

By removing the administrative overhead costs crippling the health care system in our country, this money, which has been estimated to be in excess of 500 billion dollars, will be shifted to direct patient care. No more co pays, deductibles or premiums as all will be covered from birth to death regardless of employment status or income eligibility. This will also basically eliminate medical bankruptcies, which are the most common reasons for bankruptcies in this country.

It is time to hold politicians accountable for accepting lobbyist money from BigPharma and BigHealth that put profits ahead of people. After all, HEALTHCARE IS A HUMAN RIGHT and should be available to all.

Campaign Finance Reform

If we fix the way campaigns are financed in our country, we will begin to integrate average citizens in the political process because the growing cynicism is a direct result of popular wisdom knowing the electoral process is a billion-dollar affair. We are being ripped off and abandoned by our public officials when they are indebted to specials interests and corporations—who are not people.

Our shameless low voter turnout will be reversed by automatically registering citizens as voters at the age of 18, making election days national holidays and vigorously combating shady electoral practices. Competitive elections excite voters with the chance to change things so we have to make it legally impossible to gerrymander, which condemns districts to certain parties. The wealthy shouldn’t be able to suppress millions of silenced Americans by buying and selling politicians.

Cash isn’t free speech and it mustn’t be allowed to outperform democracy and once we acknowledge that for starters, the corrupt establishment doesn’t want greater civic engagement, we will begin to reform the process of selecting our members in congress, who need term limits and be prohibited from ever becoming lobbyists.

Foreign Policy

Our continued military presence in the Middle East has cost us trillions of dollars since 9/11 and it’s demoralizing to admit that just like in Vietnam, the young, unfulfilled lives of our soldiers have been sacrificed but the region is more unstable than before and anti-American sentiment even stronger.

Instead of engaging in counterproductive, wasteful and inhumane Regime Change Wars, we must seriously rethink our approach to foreign policy by giving diplomacy room to work before we put our national security, our overseas interests and that of our allies at risk. The military-industrial complex has damaged America’s prestige and moral standing in South America and the Caribbean, our natural neighbors.

To deter the growing influence of our political, economic and even ideological adversaries creeping underneath our failures abroad to pose a real threat to our world leadership, we must reclaim the moral high ground by magnanimously respecting the sovereignty of other nations who mustn’t be given the excuse to reject our positive influence by allowing those who profit from war to falsely represent us.

We must lead with virtue, superior technological innovation, and a swift, unwavering determination to establish world peace by securing everyone’s right to self-determination. As the dominant world authority, we have the moral obligation to be impeccable, should we wish to continue being the country millions across the globe admire.

By negotiating better prices to bring down military spending, we will also be more equipped to defend the United States should dialogue fail and we are forced to assume the responsibility of vigorously defending our territory. We must also urgently repair current trade policies that are hurting American farmers and manufacturing.

Criminal Justice Reform

Raise the Minimum Wage

Federal Jobs Guarantee

Fix The Climate Crisis

Help Our Seniors

Protect Women's Rights

Other Supported Issues

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