Yadira Escobar


Yadira Escobar is a radio producer, visual artist and political activist. She has worked as a free-lance journalist, customer service receptionist, graphic designer, has done silk-screen printing and was a small business owner.

Along with her family, she was granted asylum under an early US Federal program for political prisoners and after being detained by the Cuban government for four years, came to the United States at the age of six. Regardless of the obstacles, her family always tried to make things work in the land of opportunities since mistreated immigrants seeking refuge have a unique ability of really appreciating second changes. Her father worked in construction before opening up a small garment production company while her mother was a dedicated homemaker. Both parents were former art teachers and set Yadira on the path to becoming an academic portraitist.

She has expanded her art clientele thanks to the proliferation of online markets, informal networks and flea markets. After her family was affected a year before the 2008 financial crisis, Yadira became politically aware and shifted her online advocacy from a populist art revival movement, to a revision of our internal and external policies which eventually led her to become a citizen journalist. She worked for a progressive news publication, started a blog and wrote a fictional political thriller set in Miami.

Parallel to producing content for her social media platforms and being a political commentator, she has worked with private companies by editing their videos, translating documents and occasionally tailoring clothes. She co-founded an audio-visual production company and stared in one of the feature-length films while becoming a political analyst and television commentator.

She was the vice president and spokesperson for Grupo Caiman from 2009-2012, a nonprofit advocating for civil liberties, diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba and Israel, the elimination of the white card, the freedom of political prisoners and reconciliation between Cubans. She is on the board of 350 South Florida, a member of the Labor Community Alliance and Sinti Roma Holocaust Memorial Trust. Currently, Yadira hosts and produces an international weekly shortwave radio show aimed at the Caribbean, Central and South America.

The problems affecting our society like the automation of the job market, corruption, excessive regulation, corporate welfare, rising costs of education, foreclosures, national debt, mental health and other pressing issues, have awaken in Yadira the desire to be proactive, give back and reach out to working class families in the neighborhoods of District 25.

Yadira Escobar feels that helping others is a privilege, and providing to the community or the nation is the highest honor. She is a firm advocate and activist for tolerance, justice, equality, rule of law and for the reconciliation of all conflicts so civil societies may progress in peace.

It's up to you: Yadira doesn’t accept contributions from PACs of any kind or federally registered lobbyists.